In Taiwan, Karaoke is a popular activity for all ages. Especially for younger generation, including students and fresh graduates. People usually made a reservation via phone call even there’s an online booking system. The  online process is redundant and interface is not friendly. However, make a phone call and talk to a real person somehow brings user a warm feeling and better customer service.


There’s another challenge, it takes time for people to select songs that they wanna sing. There’s only one kiosk in the room with touch screen, one controller, and one physical song book. It takes lots of time to select songs. The worst thing is this process is including in your reservation which eats your singing time. Moreover, splitting fee is also another headache. Some of the participants might leave earlier, some of them order foods and drinks. People have to calculate the fee and it becomes a serious math question.


The purpose that people go to KTV is to sing their favorite songs. Those booking, selecting songs and ordering process take too much time on it. Users want to enjoy singing, not waiting. How might we help users book room and songs early and more efficiently?



There’s a fun feature called “Song skipping” which allows other people stop the ongoing song if the singer sings badly. It’s operated by the controller or kiosk. Just a simple tap/ press the button and the song is skipping/ stopped. Somehow it’s unfair to the singer because he/she might wanna keep singing that song or someone actually wanna listen to that song. Here comes the alternation “Stop the song by crowdsourcing”. Everyone has to tap the button together on the phone which means “Everyone agrees to skip this song, then we skip it!” Of course the singer itself can skip/stop the song anytime because he/she is the one singing that song.