MOCACARE, your heart health in your hand. The system combines a cadio-monitor, a vital sign monitor to watch your heart health, and a service to improve your heart health. The project has been initiate through Kickstarter and successfully funded in 2015. 




It’s a long story. Back to 2014, at the beginning of the research, the team found that people who have heart disease would need to check their heart status regularly but the current healthcare device is inconvenient and causing other issues.



At home, school or work place, users have other needs more than just checking the heart health status. They would like to report their health status to their beloved just in case, which is because the heart disease might bring the person away anytime anywhere, and have an alarm/notification service to inform other people where they are and how good their heart is. The good thing is, it helps patients and family build up a closer relationship. The bad thing is, no one would like to be monitored 24/7.



In anther scenario, when patients go outside or visit clinic, they have other needs with professions, including doctors and EMS, if something happens badly on street. would need to know patients health information and status in clinic or emergency situation. Doctors need a long-term heart health report from users, and EMS requires to have patients health info right away. 


How might we help different users to access the same heart health information? 



Luckily, we had chances to interview patients and professions, including patients’ family, flight attendant, doctors and captain from San Francisco Fire Department EMS team and more. All the information would direct us back to users themselves. Patients and families want to monitor heart health easily. Professions need to know patients status immediately or regularly depends on situation, for instance, doctors need to read patients monthly heart health report; EMS team needs to access patients health information right away.


Also the interesting thing between all these scenarios is they all need a communication tool to exchange the info. We figure out that a messenger for heart health” might be an opportunity for solution.  





The current heart monitors in market are gigantic and heavy. Some patients have to wear them if necessary to monitor all heart health info in a period of time. BUT most users actually don’t really need to check heart status all the time. What they need is a tool that helps them check heart health status immediately, anywhere anytime when they don’t feel comfortable with the heart. They want something small, and could be hidden because of the privacy. A tool that can be put in wallet or pocket, or like a keychain that you will not forget to bring when go out.



An quiet, comfortable and efficient device came out for the solution, it’s MOCAheart. It comes with PPG sensor and EKG panels that access to your blood oxygen, heart rate and blood flow. Measuring time takes 25 seconds which is done within sips of hot coffee. And, it’s pretty small. Most important thing, it’s not wearable.




Then we started building up the system to integrate the service. It’s based on a messenger structure and not just capture your heart health but also other parameters from users’ environment such as weather, location and conditions. We believe that outside factors are also key elements to affect users’ heart health. 


And eventually, the whole system became to MOCACARE, which is a service is not only focusing on getting health data but also offer more benefits to users to maintain healthy behaviors. 






Products are changed with time. Users’ behavior changes too. A good product should be fit into users life phase by phase. MOCACARE is still developed and producing more good products. 





MOCACuff is the next MOCACARE product. It was released in marketing in end of 2016. This time we are focusing on hypertension users and would like to help them lower blood pressure and keep heart strong. 



Also, MOCACARE won 2015 iF Design Award. ( see the left corner)